How to Design Your Home for Wellness

So many millions of us across Australia have endured some sort of lockdown over the past 12 months as part of the Covid 19 pandemic. This has meant many of us will be spending a lot of time at home and doing less in terms of social interactions.

It’s now, more than ever that we need to look after our wellbeing, creating a healthy environment at home for our physical and mental wellbeing.

How Can You Achieve Wellness in Your Home

Create areas for Privacy

Privacy is at a premium during lockdown, but really it’s required at any time to enable us to recharge, relax, and re-centre. We all need time to ourselves, so having spaces in the home where privacy is possible (a private retreat), is really important for all members of the family.

Having this ‘privacy retreat’, that is not a bedroom, but another space within the home, allows for quiet reading, reflecting, yoga or just a space to reconnect with themselves.

Ideally, this space is one with closing doors, to maintain privacy and mitigate noise.

This room could be a:

  • Second living area
  • Sunroom
  • Conservatory
  • Rumpus room, multipurpose room or retreat

Connect to the outdoors 

Research shows that spending time with nature not only makes you feel better, but also contributes to your physical wellbeing.

Designed by Golden

How do we get the elements outdoor inside the home? 

Create Flow and Connection

Have physical connections to the outdoors with large doors to an outside garden, courtyard or balcony.

Create a sense of flow to the outdoors by using the same design scheme internally and externally, where there is continuity along the same interior/exterior walls.


Windows are a perfect opportunity to connect to the outdoors without physically being outside. It allows you to see your garden, courtyard or view, and you can even incorporate skylights into specific areas of your home so can gaze at the sky whenever you want to.

Strategically placed highlight windows are also a great way to catch glimpses of the sky.

Surround yourself with items that you love 

You need to surround yourself with items that resonate with you. Items that have a connection to great memories will also create comfort and a sense of home.

Our client’s beautiful collection of heirloom pieces handed down through generations, were used to decorate their buffet.

Create a curated selection of things that mean something to you. For instance; 
  • Items that you’ve collected on your travels
  • Items that you’ve made yourself
  • Something that a family member or close friend made for you.
  • Heirloom pieces that tell a story of your family

Houseplants to grow 

Plants are my number one decorating ‘go-to’ to create a sense of calm, comfort, and a warm environment at home! Plants are a good option to change the way space looks and feels. Plus, they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide – that’s creating a healthy environment right there!

Plants on bench tops, tables, dining tables, consoles or buffets look fabulous.

Beautiful pots on the floor with a large plant, or on shelves and bookcases with trailing plants. Plants in baskets for a more casual look, and placed in a corner, can fill that void beautifully.

Creating Wellness When Renovating or Creating a New Home;

Materials to create wellness

Toxic materials 

You want to make sure that you are not using materials that may affect your physical health. Avoid materials that have high levels of toxicity, and avoid products made with lots of chemicals as you’ll be living with them on a daily basis.

Avoid toxic chemicals, plastics, VOC in paints, polyurethane, and formaldehyde.

Be mindful of hybrid and vinyl floors as they are full of toxic chemicals.

Designed by Kalpak Shah

Use of Organic and Natural Materials  

Choosing natural materials means a reduction of toxic chemical compounds being brought into your home. Plus, bringing natural materials into your home creates an instant sense of calm (nature always has a calming effect).

Samples of natural materials: 
  • Timbers and bamboo
  • Natural Stones such as granite and sandstone
  • Recycled and reclaimed materials
  • Natural fibres such as cotton, wool, silk, and linen
  • Rattan and cork

Design to Create Wellness

Design your home around the landscape and connection to outdoors

Add a highlight window or porthole into specific areas of your home as it allows you to see the sky, a surprise outlook or tree canopies. Add sliding or bi-fold doors to create a connection to your garden or alfresco.

Image by Black Steel Doors

Colours For Wellness

How do you choose colours that allow you to feel relaxed, calm and happy?

Dulux Earth Palette

Colours of Nature 

All tones and shades of blues and greens are popular, and it’s no surprise as they correlate back to nature.

Colours that you love 

Think about colours that you gravitate to. Colours that you have always gravitated to and loved your whole life (tip: you often wear them).  These will be the ones you constantly go back to, to feel relaxed, energised and happy.

These are definitely the colours you need to incorporate into your home – either as permanent selections in hard materials, or when decorating and accessorising.


Allowing your kids to have some creative input in their own space will make them happy and more connected.  You can go all out, or give them limited selections, but they generally love the process.

  • Paint their room with a  colour of their choice
  • Accessorise with bedlinen and scatter cushions of their choice.
  • Create a reading nook in a corner – smaller kids really love this. Use a brightly coloured rug to ground the space.

It doesn’t take too much effort to add some wellness into your home. Pick one thing and do it! You’ll feel so much better for it. But most of all – enjoy the process.

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