Episode 27: Kitchen Design Essentials – How to Determine What You Need in Your Kitchen

What do you need to do before you start designing your dream kitchen? In this episode, as part of the Kitchen Design Essentials Season, Frances outlines how you determine what you need in your kitchen (rather than worrying about what everyone else has) and how to determine the what, how and where for your storage requirements, critical to the foundation of your overall kitchen design.

Frances also discusses the importance of your lifestyle, and your cooking requirements to really determine what you need in your kitchen and how you need it to work for you. Being the hub of many family homes, kitchens need to perform many roles, and be many things, so thinking about how you live and what you need out of your kitchen is critical to getting a design that works.


As kitchens are the main hub of a family the home, they have multiple functions. From cooking to casual eating areas, breakfast bars to entertainment zones homework areas and workspaces. All in all, your kitchen needs to be designed around your needs and work super hard for you.

In this episode, Frances walks through the essential elements to consider when you are determining what you need in your kitchen.

She emphases the point that your Forever Home should be designed for yourself, your family and what you need, not what other people’s expectations are.
This is also the beauty of creating your own Forever Home kitchen, as it’s all about you and what you need and want from your kitchen. This is where an external party can assist you to think outside the box and provide solutions you haven’t even thought of or knew were available.

Things to think about when determining what you need in your kitchen.

What type of cook you are and how you need the kitchen to work.

  • How often do you entertain?
  • Do you bake often, make jam and preserve food?
  • Determine the space you’ll need for food prep and the appliances you’ll need.

How does the kitchen need to perform for you and your family

  • If cooking infrequently, perhaps it will be more of a show kitchen.
  • How much lateral space do you need for food prep
  • Entertainment zone, casual dining area and breakfast bar.

For your storage think about what, how and where you need to store items. Eg, appliances, tea and coffee station, kids prep area, baking,

  • Bins, chopping boards, cookware, crockery, glasses, and mugs.
  • Plastic containers, pens/paper, tea towels.
  • Do you want anything on show?


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