Injecting New Life Into Your Home

Over the last few months I’ve been presenting at various Rotary Clubs across Melbourne and Victoria discussing sustainability and downsizing.

I have frequently been sharing my views on using what you have and injecting new life into your home using current pieces and adding a few additions to create impact. I thought I’d cover this topic and highlight quick and easy ways to create a revitalised interior, when you feel like you need a change, but don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune.

I have recently completed a few of these revitilisation tricks in my own home, as I felt we needed a change too!


Start with clearing out accumulated ‘stuff’ – excess ornaments, vases and things just sitting around that inevitably keep getting added to with more ‘stuff’.

The best way to do this is to remove all display items from the tops of furniture, mantel pieces and in shelves and lay them all out on a large table. This enables you to look at everything you have, get rid of what you don’t like anymore, and then use what you do like as a base to create a new look. You’re now also starting with clear shelves to begin the creating process by starting with one piece and building a vignette around it.


These are ‘clusters’ of display items used for decoration and should create interest and be balanced. Display what you love. Try to avoid buying stuff for the sake of buying! Re-use and repurpose what you have, just mixed things up a bit!

My favourite items for creating vignettes are stacked books, shells, vases, a small floral composition, and small pot plants. But include anything you love – items from your travels, things you made or were made for you. Use colour as a theme or perhaps a seasonal theme – store some items and change them around a couple of times a year to continue to reinvigorate what you have.

It’s best to work in odd numbers, and I normally work in 3’s or 5’s. Start with the larger piece and use smaller pieces to create the ‘cluster’ around the larger item. Using a tray also helps anchor the pieces together.

Vignettes can be all colours, shapes and sizes. It’s about creating balance with the composition.


Anyone who has worked with me, or heard me speak, knows how passionate I am about using plants to create an instant ‘at home’ feel in a space. It is my number one decorating ‘go-to’ to create a sense of calm, comfort and a warm environment at home! Plants are instant and make such a huge difference to how a space feels.

Trailing plants on buffets, sideboards or in shelves look fabulous – try Devil’s Ivy or Chain or Hearts.

Plants in baskets or pots on the floor fill an empty corner beautifully – try Monstera, a Kentia or Rhapis Palm.

Cut foliage from the garden in a vase also works a treat, and still provides instant green!

Plants can be part of a vignette, as well and providing greenery indoors.

New and circulating artwork

Think about the artwork in your home as like a gallery. Firstly choose what you love as it will last if you have something that resonates with you emotionally.

To inject new life into a room, move what you have to different rooms, change it with another piece, and circulate your artwork so you can change it around to create a different look in a room. For a bit of change at my place, I have just artwork from my dining area to upstairs, and got a whole lot of my favourite pieces framed that I picked up on my travels, so can’t wait to get those up on the walls.


Rug are super practical as they anchor a space, particularly in open plan settings, yet also create warmth underfoot. Pull them up in summer and lay them down again in winter to create a sense of coziness. This time of year is when I pull my rugs off the floor, as it’s the start of spring and the entertaining season, and I also don’t need to worry about red wine being spilled on the rugs!

I’m sure there are one or two things you can do in your home to reinvigorate a new look! Let me know what provides the most impact at your place!

If you feel you may need some help bringing it all together or need help sourcing elements for you, book a free 15-minute chat with Frances.

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