Episode 17: My Forever Home LIVE – Sink in the Island Bench – to do or not to do

In this Forever Home Live, Frances discusses the topic of a sink in your kitchen island bench and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of a sink on the bench. This episode will allow you to make an informed choice on which is the best option for you.


Things to consider with a sink  in an Island Bench;

Water Splashing

A sink inevitably means water splashing, which is not ideal for a food prep area, or when people are sitting at your bench.

Visual Dirty Dishes

Having dirty dishes for all to see and “in the face” of someone sitting at the island is not ideal. The cleanup area around your sink is not conducive to a lovely clean island bench aesthetic

It obstructs a large lineal area

Island benches serve different purposes- a buffet, breakfast bar and food prep area. With a sink in this large lineal space, it obstructs your largest lineal area in the kitchen. Additionally, it prevents people from being able to sit at the bench where the sink is, so you’re losing seating too

Not all kitchen designs have the luxury of having enough space for the sink to be off the island bench. It’s that’s the case, keep the sink to one side of the bench rather than in the middle. Retain as much lineal space as you can.

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