Episode 39: Kitchen Design Essentials – Splashbacks

Splashbacks can be a key feature of your kitchen and create a real point of difference. In this episode Frances outlines several splashback materials including glass, stone, windows, mirror and porcelain, that can be used, including her favourite – tiles. Further, she discusses how a splashback is a wonderful opportunity to inject colour, texture or shape into your kitchen. She is a real advocate in the splashback being a chance to reflect your personality and create a point a difference.


Adding a splashback is a great way to make a statement and inject some of what you love into your kitchen. A splashback is a great opportunity to inject, colour, shape or texture to differentiate your kitchen and make it a reflection of what you love.

Different types of Splashback options;


  • Seamless between benchtop and splashback.
  • Unified and seamless look
  • Easy to clean

Types of Stones

  • Reconstituted Stone (e.g Caesarstone, Silestone, Smart stone)- It’s not something that can be used as a Splashback with a stovetop that has a naked flame due to the resin used in its production.
  • Natural stone is not bound by resin or polymer so it can be used close to a naked flame.


  • Same aesthetic as stone for a seamless finish.
  • Fire-resistant, so able to be used with a gas cooktop


  • Maintenance: Needs to be cleaned regularly – may look streaky
  • Can be a bland aesthetic
  • Not as cost-effective as other options
  • Colour changes behind the glass due to the green tint in the glass


  • Sophisticated
  • Creates an illusion of space, so great for small kitchens.
  • Bronzed or tinted mirror add an additional level of sophistication
  • Maintenance of regular  cleaning
  • Cleaning can also make it look streaky
  • Quite expensive


  • Ensure there is a view out from the window (greenery, landscaping), so there is something to look out to.
  • Great for bringing the outside in
  • Maintenance- needs daily cleaning


  • Adds personality, colour, shape and texture to your kitchen.
  • A lot of variety to choose from at varying price points.
  • Amazing choice and variety to choose from
  • Creates a beautiful point of difference
  • Can be more -effective
  • Grout – can be spray sealed or use epoxy grout that is nonporous and won’t discolour.


  • Great for makeovers when you don’t want to strip out your current splashback or want simple cost effective option.
  • Slight reflective metallic finish 3mm applied directly over current splashback.
  • Can be easily cut and installed by a cabinet maker
  • Limited colours
  • Has a similar effect to glass type look

Things to consider;

  • Think about GPOs in splashback and how they impact the aesthetic.

Are there any other options available? Do you want to use             Pop up GPOs?

  • Budget, your style, colours, maintenance have it as a feature or not.


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