Episode 9: My Forever Home LIVE-The Importance of Internal Doors

Internal doors are an often overlooked as an important design element when creating your home. They have many purposes, and critical to good performance and flexibility in any home.

In this Forever Home Live, Frances discusses the importance of doors and the many benefits they provide in your Forever Home design, including their purpose in different scenarios.

Noise Mitigation
The use of doors is critical for noise mitigation. It hampers noise traveling throughout your home, both along hallways and up and down stairs

How a home is laid out is also important in terms of bedrooms zoned away from living spaces and laundries. The use of doors allows for the creation of privacy, for a study, bedroom, lounge, and retreat area.

Energy Efficiency
Creating zones allows for energy efficiency, and the ability to close of certain rooms in a home, meaning unutilised areas are not heated or cooled unnecessarily.

The problem with rooms not having doors is not being able to use that space for make something else. Having doors also for flexibility in what a space can be used for. Doors can be opened up to create an illusion of space whether it’s double cavity sliding doors or a hinge door.

Services Available
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