Interior Trends That are Here to Stay

What trends are making their way into 2020, and what trends from 2019 are sticking around for a while longer? Read on to find out more and about the top 3.


This is my absolute fave, and has been around a while now – the use of indoor plants. It’s my top go-to for instant decorating success as it completely changes the way a room looks and feels.

The look of the 70’s with a corner full of plants, hanging baskets and the like doesn’t need to be executed to such extremes, but one or two in a room will never go out of style.

And now, while we are still stuck indoors, it is important to surround ourselves with elements of the outdoors – inside, so indoor plants are a super plus right now. They bring oxygen inside, a sense of calm and make a room feel and look better.

And where to use them? – a plant on your desk, on a sideboard, a console, the dining table, a window sill, mantel piece or bookshelf. Or a large plant in an empty corner, hanging baskets outside from a balcony, alfresco ceiling, or hanging baskets from walls.


As we move more and more to sustainable products and embracing nature, I believe natural and sustainable materials are here to stay. The emphasis on the environment, using local resources and being conscious of our footprint is going to become more important rather than diminish.

Natural materials can be used across a wide range of applications. Think external facades, materials for floors, vanities, benchtops, cabinetry, and cabinetry handles and hooks.

Just be consistent and use the mantra of ‘less is more’. For example, use 1-2 types of timber or natural stone in any one room. More than this and they start to compete rather than create contrast and it gets too busy.

Natural materials feel beautiful and maintain their aura over time. People are starting to appreciate artisan products again, and accept natural flaws as part of their beauty, for example petrified timber and natural stone with blemishes.

The use of timber in cabinetry may wane again, but timber itself will never date completely.


Terrazzo is becoming very popular right now. The resurgence in embracing natural materials, along with modernist architecture is adding to its popularity.

Terrazzo is appealing as it’s available in such a wide range of colours and styles. The colour variation creates a feature in itself for floors, benchtops, splashbacks and for bathroom walls and floors. It fits in so beautifully with modernist and contemporary homes.

And though Terrazzo is beautiful as it is, it definitely is a trend that comes and goes so unless you really love it, it may not be the ideal choice for you, as you may not like it in 5-10 years time.

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