Episode 8:Who Is Frances Cosway?

Learn all about Forever Home Podcast host, Frances Cosway as she shares her journey from Corporate Marketing Executive to Interior Designer to Forever Home Expert. She openly and honestly reveals how she left the corporate world and how she started in interior design to follow her passion.


Frances’ unique style and influences developed from working on interior design projects in Europe, where she lived for over a decade in Amsterdam. Ljubjlana, Antwerp and London.
She purchased her first apartment in Amsterdam which she renovated and infused her own cultural aspects from Australia (like adding a bath and a decent kitchen) and combining that with elements from Northern Europe, like bright colours.
Frances then moved to London and bought her second apartment which she also renovated, injecting what she loved into add, and adding her treasured pieces from Amsterdam.
It was in London when she started doing interior projects for her friends that she fell in love with the process of creating an idea and executing it, so decided to study interior design

She came back to Australia in 2009 and started White Pebble Interiors in 2010, leaving the corporate world behind. From then on, she has never stopped following her passion for helping others create their own Forever Home.

She built her own award-winning Forever Home in 2014, managing the build from lock up stage and published her first book, ‘Your Forever Home’ in 2017. She has presented at dozens of national conferences, writes for numerous publications, been interviewed on TV, and has had her projects featured in House and Garden, Houzz and Design Homes Australia. She is incredibly passionate about creating Forever Homes that will stand the test of time and reflective of the home owner’s personality and life story, rather than a cookie cutter approach.

Frances is driven to make sure people create homes that they love and are not about trends. Her passion is to give people the confidence to choose elements that are reflective for themselves and create homes that are so functional, sustainable and adaptable.

Frances will continue to share all her insights, passions and things that can help you create a Forever Home- A home that you are going to love Forever.


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