Episode 3: My Forever Home LIVE-Decorating While at Home

Frances chats about decorating quick fixes in this Facebook Live, discussing elements to incorporate into your home to give it a new lease of life. Things you already have at home, or won’t cost a fortune.


During times of isolation and staying at home, it’s a perfect time to sort out all those little things that have been annoying you at home. along with some of the bigger bugbears.

In this podcast, Frances chats about decorating quick fixes and elements to incorporate into your home.

Move things around

You don’t need to remodel a room to make the space feel different or make it look more appealing. In fact, it can be accomplished without spending a cent!

To inject new life into a room, move what you have to different rooms, change it with another piece, and circulate your artwork so you can change it around to create a different look in a room.

Add things that makes you happy

Identify what may be missing in your home and start adding things that makes you happy. You can fill empty walls with artwork, items your children have made, or simply paint or wallpaper empty walls to add colour and texture.  Hanging photographs of travel or your family is also a great way to personalise your space.

Maximise every space in your home

Get rid of unnecessary items sitting around in a room, particularly if they are not functional. Make sure you are maximising every space in your home to be as useful and functional as possible.  Think about spaces and rooms that may be under-utilised. For example, there might be a space that you can set up for the kids  homeschooling environment or a master bedroom with a spare corner that can have a desk temporarily set up for your own working from home area.

There are always at least one or two things you can do in your home to reinvigorate it’s look and feel and purpose.


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