Episode 1: What is a Forever Home

A Forever Home is a home that Frances describes as a home you plan to be in for 10 plus years. You anticipate staying in the home long term. It’s different from a house that you think of living in for 5 years under or a house that to renovate because you want to make money out of it. The emotional buy in and the way you make your decisions and, selections and choices is totally different when you are embarking on creating a Forever Home, than one you consider leaving in 5 years or so.

A Forever Home is

  • A home that you plan to stay in long term
  • A home that needs to work really hard for you in terms of functionality, flexibility, adaptability and multi-generational living
  • A home that you have a strong connection with and reflect you, rather than the latest trends.

Lifestyle is a key component to take into consideration when building your Forever Home. The whole site has to suit your lifestyle, not just the house

Forget about trends
You want something that is going to last in your Forever Home, which is why Frances advises on choosing with your heart rather than follow the latest trends. And your home doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘timeless’ as your objective is not to sell in the short term anyway. Everything dates over time, but if you are making decisions based on what you love you won’t be thinking of renovating it frequently.

Add your own Personality
The joy comes from creating something that enabled you to put your stamp on it and to have your personality flowing into the home. Frances loves Moroccan inspired patterns, colors and geometrics so when she created her own Forever Home, she created a Moroccan inspired bathroom, and used that theme in other elements in the home too, without a single consideration for if anyone else outside their home would like. Her philosophy? You’re building a Forever Home for you, not anyone else.

If you are a little bit nervous on how to incorporate all your ideas, get expert advice because there are so many possibilities. You might just need to bounce your ideas off an expert, have a sounding board, or just make sure that it’s all going to come through together.

And remember – a Forever Home is for you and no one else.


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